"Working with Linda is fast, fun and fantastic.
Linda has a constant stream of quality ideas...
that literally place the world at your feet".
- David Nottage, World Champion Speaker, Torque Business Ltd


Linda is a speaker, voice-over artist and public speaking & performance coach. She has taken dance lovers' tours to New York and run workshops with international dancers. She speaks and mentors on her topic 'Take the Next Step'.

Other interests include writing children's stories and songs, and entering the Creative Screenwriting Open Contest in Los Angeles, where she placed as a top 10% finalist of scene writers in 2007 and 2008.

Linda's personal mission is to bring colour and laughter to the world and get you moving!


FunKeyNote - Personalised Shows for Speakers. Use the principles of shows and movies to make you a stand-out keynoter. Linda will find the 'real you' that you may never have found yourself, and build a storyline mixing 'you' with your message to create a personalised show using theme and theatre. For keynoters who are ready for a challenge, are open to change and new ideas and who are prepared to bring more of themselves to the stage - most importantly for keynoters who are ready for levity, light-heartedness and fun!
(By audition or invitation.)

"My Keynote presentation lacked the X factor and I needed to make it stand out from the crowd. I definitely found my X factor with the help of Linda's inspiration, encouragement and expert coaching... I recommend Linda to any aspiring speaker who wants to take their keynote presentation to an exciting new level".

Mark Pfeifer, Keynote Speaker, Expanding Time.


"From the (boisterous) outset, Mark Pfeifer captivated the audience - many of whom are seasoned conference attendees jaundiced by the typical NZ conference speaker line up. Mark's fresh approach to a familiar topic was both entertaining and refreshing… he helped make our conference experience professional, enjoyable and just a little different".

Bronwyn Shanks General Manager - SHARE NZ Ltd


Gain confidence, learn how to put together a speech you love that will resound with your audience. Linda will save you time and help you have fun with the process.

"Before I had coaching from Linda I was terrified of public speaking. In fact it was my biggest concern leading up to the wedding. Once I started coaching with Linda this all changed, she helped me initially construct a suitable speech, then taught me the skills to learn, and deliver it with confidence. Under Linda guidance, I was able to park my concerns and get on with enjoying the day. In particular Linda's technique of not using prompt cards was invaluable.

On the day I was able to stand up in front of 120 friends and family and deliver a "personal best", I recived much postive feed back, including from my new wife. It was even enjoyable. I have also found these basic skill in public speech valuable at work. I would recommend Linda's coaching to anyone running up to public speaking event. Linda has a great passion for public speaking and talent for teaching it."

Andrew Fisher, Pilot


Are you a frequent presenter or keynoter wanting to boost interest or have the entertainment factor of your

presentation? Linda will show you how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, while you yourself have more fun and are more effective at getting a lasting message across.

"Hi Linda - just a big thank you for your efforts in preparing me for a BIG gig in the USA. The bottom line is that you adopted the 80/20 principle (my topic and therefore something I could relate to) to focus me on the few big things that would make a very real difference to my presentation. Some of the work was a bit scary, like pausing for what seems like an eternity before speaking, but come show time it fell into place very well. Thanks".

Geoff Vautier, Keynote Speaker 80/20 Consulting Company.


Linda's new book now available - stand it on your desk while you prepare your speech. $15.